Fighting crime with art in South Africa

In the town of Diepsloot, one of Johannesburg’s largest informal settlements, is known to be embedded with crimes wherever you go. However, not all the people are looking for trouble, but just the opposite. Both the video and article are short, but it says so much. A man named Lakinka Lali decided to bring arts to the streets, not only beautifying the town, but also giving it a place for children to roam about. The art is a playground where each structure is a certain animal or insect that has a different meaning. One is an owl to give someone knowledge, a butterfly to come out of its cocoon, and more. It is for the children to know there is more than just crime, but better things like knowledge and courage. These artists are not only trying to make the streets more attractive, but also giving the students an outlet to express their feelings and to get together by having a hip hop session. “It is to get the kids out of the street for the kids to have something to do” said by Lali. He wants to show them that violence is not the answer. Watch the post to see the beautiful works they do and how this can be the answer to solve several more problems in the US. Have more places for people to go especially the cities that need it the most.

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