In November of 2016, South African artists Nondumiso Msimanga and Jenny Nijenhuis created this public art installation with 3,600 pairs of used underwear that ran through 4,000 feet of washing line. The underwear hung above the streets of Johannesburg (the largest city in South Africa) and represented the 3,600 rapes estimated to take place in South Africa everyday.

The underwear came from women who wanted to come forward with their own stories of rape and sexual assault.
By doing this the artists made it impossible to ignore this issue that is affecting the community and opened up the door to conversation for those affected.

The goal is to start conversations about what sexual assault is, how to prevent it, and how to support survivors who have experienced it.

This art piece could be triggering to sexual assault survivors as it can bring up suppressed memories but light needed to shine on this issue.

Do you believe this is good way to spread awareness or is it too harsh and tough on victims?

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Jessica Perez

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