MTTM clothing was made by a woman for other women. It is street style clothing, and she started the line because there were so many street brands for men, but nothing really for women. What I think is interesting is how a lot of their clothing say “bitch” and MOB actually stands for “Most Official Bitches.” Because bitch in not traditionally a good label, but with this clothing it is portrayed as a cool thing to be and probably is not interpreted as a bad thing by its designers or its wearers. The designer says her inspiration is from the streets and clubs of New York, and it makes me wonder how many of the women who wear MTTM clothing are actually from the streets. Because when I think of “the streets” I don’t think of people who are well-off at all, and MTTM clothing isn’t cheap. So this brand makes me think about the appeal of having the image of being “thug” or being the “HBIC” (head bitch in charge), and why it’s cool. Here’s the line’s website: Here’s the little article I summarized:

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