In the Netflix series “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” two journalist set out to to get the definitive story of the infamous Ted Bundy. They expose the tapes that they recorded with Ted Bundy and go through his story and trouble with the law. It is made known that Ted Bundy was quite infamous because of his looks and charm. It was completely shocking to most people that he was a serial killer and necrophiliac for he was very attractive and charming. Girls would even admit they didn’t know why they were at his court hearings, they just found him intriguing.

This being said towards the last episode they go through his execution day. They pointed out that people were waiting outside overnight with signs and chanting “Burn Bundy Burn!” They journalists even mention how young men used the event to get drunk, more as a social gathering rather than the actual families of the victims.

Ted Bundy’s execution was exploited tremendously as there were even vendors that sold t-shirts saying the “Burn Bundy Burn” chant on it. When looking it up amazon sells these shirts, but I have to questions. Do the original shirts still exist and how much are they sold for? Now that they are more infamous with the recent exploitation of Ted Bundy and the Netflix movies. And also would someone consider it disrespectful to wear one? Although it supports his execution, there are still the families of victims out there that were deeply affected by the horrors he committed.

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Sophie Concordel

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