Oil is often referred to as liquid gold. Iran happens to sit on a sea of oil, but they never get to see the profits. Why? Because the oil is actually owned by Great Britain and Western Oil Companies despite Iran’s attempts to restore rightful ownership. Osama Bin Laden was quoted in 1999 two years before 9/11, “They occupy our land, steal our possessions, when faced with resistance they call it terrorism.” We are often told we were attacked out of hatred for democracy, but perhaps looking at both sides of the story could shed light on some truth. If the terrorists hated freedom, wouldn’t they attack the Statue of Liberty? Instead, they attacked the World trade Center to fight against modern day imperialism. So the question is, was it a terrorist attack out of hatred, or could 9/11 actually be looked at as an extreme version of middle-eastern art and crime. Was Osama Bin Laden a terrorist, or was he actually an interventionist? It was a tragic day in American History, but there is more reason behind the attack than we’ll ever be told.

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