Weather Underground Organization

What started as a politically active group of college students in 1969 became a terroristic group intent on carrying out bombings in the U.S. through the 1970’s. In an act of protest against the United States government for its actions in the Vietnam War, a group was created known as the Weathermen to hold demonstrations against injustice.

The first act of this group was to incite a riot in Chicago on the same day as the trial of other anti-Vietnam protesters facing charges. This was a honorable act that was performed to defend freedom of speech and protest in our country. Eventually their acts grew more and more radical in order to protect their ideals. An official Declaration of a State of War was created against the United States government under the new name “Weather Underground Organization” and this is when their violent acts of property destruction began.

While the group never harmed civilians in any of their explosive acts of violence, the certainly did bring terror and disruption to each place they visited. However, in a state of war to revolutionize the government, one must capture the attention of the country which could not be done by writing letters and creating posters. Only real patriots would fight to save their country, even if it means breaking the law and causing civil disruption.

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Josh Brennan

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