The keep a Breast Foundation states that through their signature “I <3 Boobies! they aim to “remove the shame associated with breasts and breast health [believing] this message represents [their] positive approach to breast cancer dialogue” (The keep a breast foundation website) While their funds may be going to a good cause, it is their message that I believe remains ironically objectifying. Who do we see wearing this “I <3 Boobie” apparel. Men? Woman? girls? It is rare that I have seen the older generation of the female gender sporting this attire. Rather it is the juvenile teenage boys that can be spotted wearing this signature on a neon bracelet, t-shirt or hat. What thirteen-year old boy would pass the opportunity to justly wear the words “boobies.” While these boys can justly verify that their attire is in support of breast cancer, I am pretty sure most of them don’t give a shit about what the words actually stand for. While the foundation is promoting positivity towards a personal subject, they have interwoven “sex” into their marketing. Is this justified because their signature is raising the foundation money? Or is this just hurting the foundations image, giving offense to the woman of America?

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