IM SORRY I KNOW GRAFFITI IS GETTING SO OLD but my boyfriend literally JUST put this on my Facebook wall and it takes it to whole other level. This piece, done by a artist under the pseudonym Blu, is titled “BIG BANG BIG BOOM: an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life…” First off, it tackles the idea of evolution. If you don’t catch it until later on in the video, it becomes obvious around 8:15 when we see the traditional monkey to human transition, which this video takes further by creating a killing machine at the end.With evolution, I think it starts to tackle religion (if you believe that God created the Earth and all living things, etc.) It all kind of wraps around into a cycle, which I love and can seriously respect from an artistic perspective. Now for the criminal aspect: this takes public disturbance to an extreme. From the quick search I did, it looks like this extensive piece was created in Argentina and Uruguay (the artist is based out of Italy). They tackled whole buildings, pipes, bridges, streets, water towers – virtually every public domain possible. All, I might add, are likely owned by the government of these two countries. What do you think of this? Clearly its illegal, but, is it worth it? It look’s like he covers his work after, for the most part (you can see in later still shots that places sprayed before have been semi-covered in black), but where does artistic genius take over crime?

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