The Commercialization of Weed Culture

It is apparent in the world today that weed culture is not as subdued as it may have once been. It seems as though young people in particular are more noticeably infatuated with the trend at this point in time, especially through their decisions to wear clothing emblazoned with the recognizable marijuana leaf. On Co.Design, a website that features stories about design in the business world, an article by writer Carey Dunne with the headline “6 Branding Lessons from the Pioneers of Weed Design” suggests the idea that the industry is only growing: “There are legions of suit-wearing smokers who are only now coming out of the closet, and this particular constituency will create a market for high-end weed products, whether that means expensive strains of the plant or fancy smoking devices.” Marijuana use is still completely illegal in many U.S. states. Does the potential for the rise of the commercialization of weed culture suggest an actual rise in its usage among the population, and perhaps even the passage of more marijuana legalization legislature?

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