The race to find Banksy’s newest pieces of graffiti is on! The last panting was found on a Bristol street within hours of when it was done. Not only was it found, but the group removed it with a crowbar and put it in their own private art exhibit. They plan to auction it is expected to go for at least £100,000. The title of the piece is Mobile Lovers and it depicts a couple embracing each other but looking at their phones behind each others back. The profit from viewing the piece in the exhibit is said to be going to the Riverside Youth Project. It’s a rare case that the piece was done on wood rather than a wall. This allowed the people to take it, whereas in previous cases the art could not be removed, just photographed. Did Banksy do this on purpose? How do you think he feels about his street art being framed in a museum? Does it give less value to the art? Did the people have a right to take the art off the street? How has Banksy been able to get to the point where his criminal art is wanted by museums?

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