Bansky, a well know graffiti artist and political activist based out of England has always been most acknowledged for is art which challenges government. He does not attempt to sell any of his art work, he simply longs to send a message to those who choose to listen. Should this be considered a crime, categorized as vandalism? Or is it simply a freedom of speech expression, in which he acknowledges the corruptions of the world and shares his opinion with others through his true passion for art? Bansky does displays his art on public surfaces, but he does not paint anything solely based to have gang or race relation in hopes to gain or claim a territory like most graffiti you would find are meant to do. His pieces are well thought out, planned, and almost always have a story and deep meaning behind it. Not simple a tagging of a gangs name or the scribble scrabble of a kid who may just bored or thinks its cool. So what do you think? Is the work of Bansky art or graffiti?

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