Facebook Censors Art Project About Violence Against Children

Eric Ravelo’s newest artwork regarding violence against children has been censored by Facebook. The art project, entitled “Los Intocables,” or “The Untouchables,” is art created through human sculpture that portrays the issues that are tormenting children all over the globe. Ravelo believes that “the right to childhood should be protected,” and attempts to bring awareness to the issues that rob children of their innocence through his art project. Each art piece contains both a child and an adult posed in a position (much like a crucifixion) that displays a “contemporary evil.” These include molestation, childhood obesity, and gun violence (to name a few). Ravelo explains, “It’s art, it’s communication.” Many people, including Facebook, took offense to Ravelo’s work. Ravelo claims that he was threatened on multiple occasions. I believe that the shock factor in these images is what makes them so intriguing and truthful–they blatantly portray the issues that children face in today’s society and encourage people to do something about it. Do you think that Ravelo goes too far in these images? Or is the shock and anger that is brought up within viewers getting Ravelo’s point across? Here are more images and the full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/10/erik-ravelo_n_3900061.html

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