Indecent Exposure vs. Unsolicited Dick Pictures

I recently found an article about a woman who turned her collection of unsolicited dick pictures into an art show, and it made me wonder if getting unsolicited pictures is sexually offended. We have entered an interesting age where a lot of human interactions occur through electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops. Snapchat, probably one of the most popular apps on cellphones, has the feature of automatically deleting the image after it is viewed. Therefore, people feel less nervous about sending nude pictures or photos of their body parts. I personally do not think it is a problem if these pictures are sent based on mutual consent, but unsolicited dick pictures are merely unpleasant. Indecent exposure, which is flashing one’s private part intentionally for one’s sexual pleasure, is considered a sexual offense but the amount of this type of offenses has gone down because people are able to send pictures through phones. When asked several years ago if one has confronted an exhibitionist, many would say yes but few would say yes if the question is asked now. However, many people, especially females, have seen indecent exposure on their phones when guys send them unsolicited dick pictures. It seems to me that this is just another means of flashing one’s private part and getting off from it, and therefore could technically be counted as a sexual offense.

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