Real Life Hunger Game in North Korea

North Korea is a mysterious country in which many of us are not informed about. The country is closed off from most of the world and therefore the practices that go on in that country goes unknown. The article titled “Real Life Hunger Game” by Kassie-Taylor intrigued me at first because I am a huge fan of the movie. The saga depicts Katniss Evereden fighting against the president in the capitol. The fact that North Korea decided to create a show that screens children fighting in labor camps and having people watch to sponsor it makes it some type of art form in the sense these competitions are recorded and used as tv entertainment. Although North Korea denies these activities, does it not make these practices a crime? According to camp survivors many of these inmates die of starvation and are deprived of clothing, toiletries , and necessary means to survive. I believe that forcing these young children to work in labor camps and be part of the competition while depraving them of food is actually inhumane and is a huge criminal offense. North Korea is engaging in inhumane crimes in order to entertain their citizens. North Korea has taken away basic rights of human beings by forcing inmates into labor camps.

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