For those of you who don’t know what The Hunger Games is, then you might not understand the article. However, for those of you who have at least seen the movie, then you’ll be able to make the connection. In North Korea, they are raising children to work to death in labor camps and teaching them to betray their loved ones in exchange for living (however long that may be). Much like The Hunger Games, everyone in the camps is fighting for their life, which is the ultimate prize. Yes, I know there is no art in young children working literally their entire lives; but, there is one is airing a live “fight-to-the-death” where residents bet on and sponsor competitors. I wanted to compare the two in terms of power, competition, and sacrifice. Each has a governing body that makes all of the rules and its residents have to obey them; however at the end of The Hunger Games the last two standing rebel against the Capitol and both make it out alive. Competition and sacrifice go hand in hand because in North Korea (and The Hunger Games) people are forced to betray loved ones, or complete strangers, to keep surviving. Survival of the fittest right? Take into account the famous quote from the movie as well, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Here’s the full article “A real-life ‘Hunger Games'” about North Korea:

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