From the time we are kids, we are generally told that fighting is wrong. Kids get punished for fighting in school. People get arrested for fighting in the streets. For the most part, we are taught to walk away from probable physical altercations and to try and diffuse them with words. We teach our kids these ‘morals’, yet once that big fight event comes up, we get together with friends and family, open up some beers, and enjoy what could be 36 minutes of physical violence. Ironically, we even pay to watch these big events. Boxing is a sport that has been around for many years. It requires both mental and physical toughness and is the true definition of pushing your body to its limit. As fans, we don’t care about how hurt these fighters get. We don’t care about their future health conditions and what all these hits can do to it. We love seeing someone get knocked down. We even love it more when someone gets knocked out cold. Such an example includes the 4th fight between highly known Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight ended with Marquez knocking Pacquiao out cold in the 6th round. Marquez struck Pacquiao with a hard right-hand on the chin and Pacquaio fell straight down with his face hitting the canvas pretty hard. The whole arena jumped with joy. People were screaming with excitement and Marquez was being carried like a hero. All this was while Pacquiao was still facing the ground with doctors surrounding him. His wife was crying and was desperately trying to come to Pacquiao’s aid. Pacquiao was immediately taken to the hospital, yet people were generally happy about the knockout (except for Pacquiao fans). Pacquiao’s health was critically concerning but what made headlines, and what always makes headlines, is that knockout punch. It is what is showed on sports channels and even the news channels. People don’t realize how serious this type of punch is and the damage it can have on the human body. Muhammad Ali died from a disease called Parkinson’s syndrome which was a direct result from all the brain damage accumulated in his boxing years. Is that enough to stop a million-dollar business of legalized violence? Now, I am a huge boxing fan who ironically loves the sport. However, I acknowledge that controversial line that separates fighting from being either ‘bad’ or ‘okay’. A couple of brutal knockouts include Saul Alvarez knocking out Amir Khan in the sixth round and Sergio Martinez knocking out Paul Williams in the second round. If you look at all these, you see the immediate reaction of excitement and joy from the crowd as the other lays on the canvas in critical condition.

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