YG is still brazy. YG’s 2016 album entitled “Still Brazy” was released following several controversial police killings and a murder attempt on his own life. YG’s goal in this album is to educate his audience on politics through his raps, he is trying to express to his audience that violence is not something that should be glorified. Lyrics from his song, “Still Brazy” state that “Lately, I’ve been at home/ I grab the pistol when I answer the door/ ‘Cause shit brazy”. These lyrics showcase that YG has now become fearful for his own life. YG’s life is extremely chaotic and crazy causing him to feel as though he must carry a gun in order to provide himself with the proper protection, even inside his own home.

His song named “FDT” stands for “f*ck Donald Trump”, YG expresses how his friends and him always viewed Trump as a good entrepreneur but they “hate your[s]” reasons to be president. He also expresses that the only reason he is becoming president is due to his trust funds capability of buying the vote. YG also addresses that we “wouldn’t be the USA without Mexicans”. He wants people to understand that America is a mixing pot of all the races, we must stay inclusive. YG also wants the younger generation to understand that although we are the youth, “We will be seen, and we will be heard”. He wants everyone to understand that their voice and opinion matters no matter their age or race. He wants to emphasize that their voice matters, violent actions are not the only way to solve their problems.

The last song on this YG album is called “Police Get Away wit Murder”. His main focus of the song is meant to express that although the police carry badges and receive some sort of power from the state, it does not give them the right to do what they want. YG acknowledges real cases that have been seen in the court that he believes the accused police officer(s) has just gotten away with killing someone for no reason. The exact cases in which YG speaks of all address young, underage African American males. For instance, he raps that Laquan McDonald was murdered and that it was caught “on tape, He was innocent” but the police officer was still freed. In addition, another young male shot by police that YG addresses is “17 year old David Joseph who died in Texas/ He was unarmed”. When David Jospeh was shot he was completely naked without a weapon, although the officer felt “threatened”. The song ends with YG expressing that he does not understand how he is supposed to feel free to walk around and feel safe if those around him are being killed by the police. YG does not want people, especially poor African Americans, to be scared to step up and stand up for their beliefs.

Both songs take strong stances against the United States of America president and police officers, both who have power given to them by the state in order to protect its citizens. YG refuses to be censored. When he performed at San Diego State University, he was told that if he performed FDT, he would not be paid but he chose to perform it anyways. YG wants his audience to understand that in some instances you must continuously stand up for what you believe in. In addition, the secret service once tried to censor YG song FDT. Although I do believe that this album carried a very political agenda, I believe that YG executed his stance perfectly. There is no need to fear censorship or strong political agendas. We need change.

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