Without a doubt, this past election has been one of the most memorable. From the candidates to the post-election societal reaction, we are currently living through something historic. Opinions on newly-elected President, Donald Trump, vary throughout not only the country, but the world. These opinions (whether pro-Trump or anti-Trump) are commonly displayed through many ways such as social media posts and protests. Highly-known rapper, Snoop Dogg, may have expressed his possible opinion on President Trump on a newly released music video named Lavender (Nightfall Remix). This video appears to have many hidden messages (most notable one being everyone with their face painted as clowns) but also appearing in the video is a portrayal of Donald Trump. It is the “President of the United States” with the face of a clown and the same hair-style, attire, and physical build of Donald Trump. In the video, the “President” is named Ronald Klump and there is a breaking subtitle that says “RONALD KLUMP WANTS TO DEPORT ALL DOGGS”. The video then shows Klump smoking as Snoop Dogg goes up to him with a gun pointed at his head. With Klump’s hands in the air, Snoop Dogg pulls the trigger and out comes a message that writes “BANG”. As stated before, there are many aspects of this video that make you think of what it is they’re trying to say. However, what has drawn the most attention is the shooting of Ronald Klump scene. Donald Trump himself tweeted the following : “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if Snoop Dogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”. As we see in the comment section under the video, there are many different opinions on this scene.

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