Inspirations of a Serial Killer III: Various Interviews

John Gacy, a horrific serial killer artist who would dress up and perform as a clown at children’s birthday events, finally spoke out after nearly thirteen years of silence. His artworks previously displayed in prior articles would go for a fetching rate by those that love to collect as what some people describe as “murderabilia”. What’s even more peculiar, is when Gacy finally decided to speak out, it was not to talk about how he committed these horrendous acts, but it was to state his claim of how he was falsely accused and never had committed the murders at all. This being done after having completed many artworks, some being descriptive of the acts he had committed and some just childlike and pictures of clowns. Walter Jacobson, the former Chicago television personality was able to sit down and have an exclusive interview with Gacy where he finally shares his perspective:

Mass murderer, Charles Manson, also known for having created several pieces of artworks, like the one shown above, before he passed away, spoke out in an exclusive interview setting with The TODAY Show in 1987 about the crimes and lifestyle he led. It’s so funny that he actually had a book written and wanted to have the book exploited through the media so people would finally have a chance to hear what he had to say. Manson is known for having his followers commit multiple crimes between July and August 1971. He was also known to be able to manipulate people into committing these heinous acts on behalf of his institution. One of the women that was killed was eight and half months pregnant when she was slaughtered, along with six others losing their life by mentally manipulated and brainwashed Manson followers.

Those of you that I know would love to delve into the mind of a serial killer and it was requested by a reader how nice it would be to be able to compare a serial killer’s mind to that of a person who has not committed the same type of acts, I am providing here for a you a link of a good interview provided by VICE with Paul Harrison. Harrison is a serial killer profiler who has sat down and interviewed with more than seventy serial killers throughout his career as a profiler. So for those who have a gruesome desirability to purchase murderabilia including the artworks of serial killers, here is the chance for you to compare your thought process with that of those that feed your demand. You will have to let me know if you are more like a serial killer in your mental and emotional thought process then you thought. As for me, after three articles and doing research for each on serial killers, I think I have had enough for a lifetime.

I hope you all enjoy the interview videos provided and you have received your fill of the Inspirations of a Serial Killer Series and their artworks.

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Elizabeth Montague-Jones

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