We all have heard at least one rap or hip hop song where they are talking about the usage of illegal drugs or even a murder of someone. But, have we ever stopped to think about how these rappers, hip hop artists, and the writers of these songs are admitting to these crimes? Now I am sure that not every person who sings or raps about doing these acts all have done it. But has anyone ever actually looked into an artists past or even the writers past to see if the song is actually just a song and not just a confession? I remember being in a basic sociology level course where my professor’s focus and study was actually on hip-hop and hip-hop artists. The students in my class, including myself, were all amazed that sociology allows you to look into any type of topic like hip-hop. Our professor introduced us to an artist who he actually wrote a thesis or dissertation about, which he would explain to us that the artist was actually in fact a gang member, and the lyrics were actually true stories that the artist wrote about. But the song protected the aggressor, although we as the audience knew the lyrics were actually true and you were able to find crime reports that linked to the song. You were still unknown to who actually committed the crime. Which leads to the point of… Should we hold the people who know the attackers or are the assailant in a crime we can confirm? Or since it is music is it considered one of our rights in our country that they can sing about what ever they want with no consequence?

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Anna A

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