Since the Netflix special on Ted Bundy aired earlier this year, a fascination with Ted Bundy has spread across social media. The serial killer is known for killing more than 30 people in the 70’s. Back in the 70’s people were appalled that Ted Bundy was a serial killer, believing he was too charming and charismatic to be one.

After watching the documentary I went onto Twitter to see the first reactions of people that had seen it. Many tweets I saw weren’t talking about the horrifying crimes that Ted Bundy had done but rather about how attractive he was. People were tweeting things like, “Ted Bundy can get it though” and “I know he’s a murderer but we can say Ted Bundy is hot right?”

Shortly after the documentary aired, a movie about Ted Bundy was announced with Zach Efron as Ted Bundy. This created even more of a sexualization for Ted Bundy as many people sexualize Zach Efron. Ted Bundy killed and raped many people and we should not remember him as “the handsome one.” It’s completely repulsive especially to the victims and their families. So, what do you think? Is this Netflix’s fault for depicting Ted Bundy as a “handsome, charming” man?

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Jeanne Diaz

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