Last Sunday Kanye West performed at Coachella on Easter Sunday for Sunday gospel. While the whole performance revolved around the religious experience, Kanye also was selling merchandise at Coachella. The merchandise stand said “church clothes”.

The clothing that was being sold was socks for $50, t-shirts for $70, and sweatshirts for a whopping $165-$225. The clothing was all tan colored and said thing such as “Holy Spirit” or “Trust God”.

People immediately took to twitter how incredibly insane the prices of the merch were. People had already spent hundreds of dollars to be at Coachella and then had to spend so much more just to get merchandise.

How is it fair to sell sweatshirts that are probably made for way less than the selling price? And how is it fair to sell religious clothing for very expensive prices? Some say Kanye is robbing people of their money for people to show their faith. Is Kanye exploiting his power and faith to make money? Is this a crime?

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Jeanne Diaz

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