How much of #freebritney is a conspiracy theory?

The fan lead movement that has been growing ever since Britney Spears’ “breakdown” in 2008 when her conservatorship was instated after shaving her hair and being taken to UCLA medical center. Recently this has resurfaced as on April 3, 2019 TMZ reported she checked herself into a mental health institution with the idea that Britney was being manipulated and held there against her will longer than she should have been and thus #freebritney was born. The theory claims she is being abused and taken advantage of by the team that controls her conservatorship who includes her father, Jamie Spears. Most recently, more evidence has come arise to the supposed abuse as her father is going to put under trial for child abuse of his grandson, Sean. This definitely not a publicity stunt as a judge has even granted Britney’s two sons restraining orders against their grandfather. Many criticize the movement for exaggerating Britney’s appearance in media and lack of hard evidence. However, the upcoming trial might shine light on new evidence to not only the abuse towards her family but to Britney as well.

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