Ride or Die Partner? or Delusional Girlfriend?

I do believe it is natural to protect the ones we love. It is also pretty natural to believe that we as people do not want our loved ones arrested. Is that the case here?

Rapper NBA (Never Broke Again) Youngboy has been apparently caught on camera tackling and violently pulling a visibly scared female. That Female happened to be his girlfriend.

According to reports, a hotel guest heard the disturbance and notified the police.The Rapper and his girlfriend had left by the time the authorities arrived. However, due to the video and the evidence of blood found in the couple’s room, law enforcement issued a warrant for his arrest.

The twist here is that the rapper’s girlfriend, claimed that the incident was only “play fighting” and nothing more. The rapper’s people have not commented on the incident.

Is she crazy? Was it really play-fighting? Is she a gold-digger, who hopes he will become rich and wants to ride the wave? Is she infatuated with him? Is this love?

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Adrianni V

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