Life is life a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get…especially if some of those chocolates contain THC.

For thousands of years, people have been infusing their food with cannabis for a variety of reasons whether it being for healing, religious purposes, or even to just get high, edible cannabis has shaped the way we think about marijuana. Since 1000 BCE, Hindus have used Bhang in their food and drinks while even selling this staple at their religious festivals. Bhang is made using the buds and leaves of the cannabis plants, ground up with a mortar and pestle, and then can be mixed with milk or ghee along with various spices. The Hindu people have been using Bhang mainly for medicinal purposes curing fever, speech imperfection, dysentery, and so forth.

Within the past few years, the negative stigma surrounding marijuana has slowly disappeared as the legalization of it started to spread and more people have begun to understand the health benefits of it. Although, when most people think of ingesting cannabis, their first thought is to smoke it, without realizing there are many other ways to get high that don’t involve smelling like weed, or potentially causing harm to your lungs. When consuming edibles, the marijuana is digested in your stomach then filtered through your liver before entering your blood stream, allowing for increased benefits. These benefits may include a much more potent and longer high, extended relief for medicinal uses, and a more comfortable experience for marijuana users in general.

The actual process of making edibles is truly a form of art. Just like a when creating a piece of art, it is a tedious process and takes a few tries to perfect it but once it is done, it is a masterpiece. If too much THC is added into your food, it will be very potent and taste like cannabis, if you add too little of an amount, the anticipated effects may not be experienced. Just as a chef will not serve the food they have prepared until they have tried the sauce and are satisfied with the presentation of the plate, just as those who make edibles are serious about proper dosage, taste, and the desired effect depending on the intended purpose of the product.

While there have been many tutorials on how to make the perfect edible and what brownie mix is the best for pot brownies, people tend to forget that actual everyday food items can be infused with cannabis. Over the summer, Netflix released a television show called “Cooking on High” which by the name alone, you can already guess it is not your average cooking competition. This show is known as “the first ever cannabis cooking show” that features certified cannabis chefs and a variety of judges. This show proves that any kind of cooking can have cannabis infused into it that goes past the typical brownie or cookie.

If this has had such a positive impact on people and allows for creative expression, then why does it remain such a dangerous topic in our society?

With this in mind, debates surrounding marijuana usage and legality in different parts of the world are still sensitive subjects, and conflicting laws and standards have limited people’s access to buying marijuana products that may enhance their quality of life. When in a controlled and safe environment, edibles are a discrete and sometimes more comfortable way for people to reap the benefits of the active ingredients of marijuana. If a brownie can provide you with the relief you need to get through the day, then we should have a system in which users do not have to worry about breaking federal or state laws or both to go about their lives the way they wish to.

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