Jarring art exhibit confronts the harsh reality of female genital mutilation

FGM is defined by the World Health Organization as any procedure that intentionally alters or causes injury to the female genital organ for non-medical reasons. Female Genital Mutilation is a criminal act performed on young women in 29 countries of Africa and the Middle East. Most of the countries around the globe have laws banning FGM, however approximately 25,000 women and girls in the USA are at risk of FGM. The reason behind this is because many of the young girls will be sent back to their homelands in order to get the procedure done. This takes place during summer time or as they call it “cutting season.” The only reason why such horrific tradition is still alive is because women fear exclusion from their communities and to preserve family traditions. However, FGM is an inarguable human rights violation. Therefore, artist Aida Silvestri inspired by personal experience, created an art project to raise awareness of the crimes that are still taking place in the 20th century. Crimes such as FMG need to STOP!

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Natalie Cruz

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