Burgers with a side of bikini models?

If you look up a rap video, chances are you will see an attractive woman in a bikini next to a cool car. Women are often targets to help promote products to increase sales using their bodies or good looks.

What are the two best ways to get a man’s attention ? Well Carl’s Jr makes an attempt to convince their male audience to buy their product by including models half naked and cool cars in their commercials. There have been numerous commercials in the past where Carl’s Jr does this. Personally it did catch my attention when you are watching the television and see a model in a bikini eating a juicy burger.

Just like me, many men react in a similar way to these commercials because this data proves that despite all the controversy, “sexy women” get consumers attention and help boost the product you are pushing. According to fashiongonerogue.com one of the commercials that Carl’s Jr aired was a success. They state “the Charlotte McKinney ‘All Natural’ spot was the burger joint’s most successful campaign yet–receiving over 2.5 billion media impressions in less than two weeks.”(Article 1).

Overall, the approach the company takes is very successful and the numbers show it, despite being controversial because they sexualize women. I believe that Carl’s Jr is just taking a page out of the many companies that take a similar approach and get away with it. Not only do they get their product to get the attention of people because of the women and cars, but they also are talked about a lot because of the controversy around it. Like they say all publicity is good publicity.

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Andres Rabago

One thought on “Burgers with a side of bikini models?

  1. I could not agree more that all publicity is good publicity. While a chain restaurant such as Carl’s Jr. may put out commercials that sexualize women, it most definitely gets talked about and leaves a lasting impression. I believe that is the goal of advertising itself. While I do think that some sort of line should be drawn in sexualizing men and women in forms of advertising, I have to respect Carl’s Jr. for taking that risk in which their competitors do not.

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