Cyber crimes can be very sophisticated and with technology developing more every passing day it can be difficult for every internet user to be aware and on guard. The internet is a vast place where almost anything can be found. Platforms and softwares that save personal information to adjust every user’s personal experience and to improve their system poses a huge threat. Although most people know they are giving up some form of their privacy to participate in the cyber world. Cyber crimes involve attacks on personal information through hateful speech, hacking and stealing someone’s identity. Identity theft is actually the number one form of cyber crime in the US. With the internet giving everyone a wall to hide behind it can be very easy for anyone to act like someone else. Other forms of technologies have made it even easier to mimic others’ voices and information.

Hackers that are highly skilled are the greatest enemies of the modern era. Being able to access someone’s information has never been easier considering so many people willing to give up so much about themselves online. Simple things like passwords if not taken care of can be hacked and just like that your personal information is at risk of being manipulated or modified in a way to attack your persona. Hackers are the invisible criminals of the digital age and the ones that are the most valuable are the ones that are unaware of the dangers of the online space. It becomes much easier to incite hate and commit a crime when hiding behind a screen.

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Carlos Cheang

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