This video is just a bunch of clips edited together to create a trippy video, but it shows how fast graffiti can go up and how it is always done by hoodlums. Does that make it crime just because that certain profile is doing the “art”?I always wondered if they just used paint brushes or if they had actual equipment; in this video they have long paint rollers that makes it look good. When is it considered art and when is it considered too far for art? Some graffiti looks cool, but just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it is legal. If that were part of the law than you would have to define cool or everybody would get away with painting the town different colors. There really isn’t a fine line that has to be crossed. It is considered crime to paint on any wall unless you have an owner’s consent to paint his business. I think it is better this way because otherwise there would be too many loopholes for each individual case.

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One thought on “Crime vs. Art – Graffiti

  1. I disagree with the author’s stance that all graffiti is a crime and not art. I don’t think that crime and art are mutually exclusive when it comes to graffiti. While I do believe that vandalizing a business or marking property with gang tags is not art because it has a harmful intent to incite violence or harm business owners, I think that there are cases where the people who do graffiti in abandoned areas or empty walls (in alleys or other places that aren’t directly defacing a business) are true artists that often have a social commentary or good purpose behind their art. In these cases, I acknowledge that their behavior is still a crime, but I see it more as an art form than as a criminal offense.

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