The film, “The Godfather”, is a great example of art and crime. In this film, the Mafia and its crime oriented behaviors are glorified into a film. This scene shows an epic point in the film where Michael Corleone, son of ‘Godfather’, kills a crooked police man and another mafia boss because they attacked his father. This scene glorifies crime and makes Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) look like a tough guy that nobody can mess with. This is crime and art because it puts the viewer in the position of Michael and makes us say, “if anyone tried to kill my dad, I would do the same thing”, but in all reality we probably would be too scared to do that; especially to kill a cop in a public place where people are sitting and watching you. The glory of this film makes the viewer enjoy the mafia life and want to part-take in the action while it’s going on. Even though I feel like a movie critic while writing this article, I believe that it can and should be portrayed as an article on art and its effect on crime.

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