Through the “art” of rap music, “Mitchy Slick” shows how the “art” of rap can be labeled criminal because of the criminal behavior it talks about. Although this video shows illegal behaviors, its an art in itself because its showing the plight of many minority youths that actually live that lifestyle. The obvious illegal behavior seen is “cooking drugs” and “selling drugs” but is “cooking” and “selling” drugs really illegal for everyone? To some drug dealing and cooking is an “art” that helps them pay their rent and feed their children since no one will hire them because they are labeled as felons and have no education higher than high school. To “Mitchy Slick” this video is an “art” telling the story of many disadvantaged minority youths that live this life style, but to law enforcement the making of this video is a crime in itself because the people in the video are in violation of a gang injunction filed against “Mitchy Slicks” gang, the Lincoln Park Bloods. Some of the requirements of the injunction is for gang members not to associate with each other publicly and not to wear gang affiliated colors, and in this video that is exactly what they are doing. To most wearing red and hanging out with your friends in public isnt a crime, but not to the people in this video because of the gang injunction.

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