Art can be interpreted by different people in different ways. Art can even be used in different ways than the artist originally intended. The way a person views art will depend on their religion, race, history, and age. Muslims may look at a picture of The Bible in a toilet and not think anything is wrong with it while Christians will be offended by a picture like that. What is really the difference between putting a Bible or a Koran in a toilet? The difference comes from the interpretation and what offends others. If Americans put a Koran in the toilet it is hate crime. If they put their own Bible in the toilet than it isn’t so much an issue. If you do something that deals with your own people than it isn’t nearly as offensive. Throwing Korans in the toilet has happened many times in history and has upset the Muslim world. People who do this can face charges of a hate crime. However, if that same person did it with a Bible, it would be considered a perfectly acceptable form of art.

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