Immortal Technique: Dancing with the Devil

Immortal Technique is an underground rapper, but people that are quite fond of underground rap music or know some songs definitely know the song “Dancing with the Devil” by Immortal Technique is a powerful song. In the song it is a story about a kid whose passion is to be live the thug life and will anything to be part of it. This person is known as William, who grew up without a father and his mother was a drug addict. His mom eventually become sober, however William become colder blooded, as he grew older. William began to steal and sold drugs, which gave him a reputation in the streets. Eventually, William found a gang and in order for him to join he had to do one more thing to proof him. For his initiation the gang finds a woman who they beat and rape, and before William kills her he takes off the covering of her face and turns out to be his mother. At the end of the song William kills himself and Immortal Technique says this is a true story and that he was there when they raped the mother. In the end, Immortal Technique gives a message that when the Devil offers to dance you better say no because a dance with the devil will last forever. In the case for Billy, his corruption led to his downfall and died with no soul. The whole context of the song talks about the crimes William did, such as stealing, raping, and killing. In this case Immortal Technique committed a crime by being an associate and is expressing his remorse for his actions through art, just like most rapper do. Immortal Technique’s message is based off a metaphor in “Dancing with the Devil” and tries to warn the audience to not give in.

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