Too many people tagging and graffiti is a way to express themselves. They do it to mark their territory or to give respect to other taggers/gang members. I knew tagging and vandalizing property was illegal, but I never knew how seriously it was taken. The FBI has a specific Art Crime Team with 14 secret agents working all over the United States. In 2009 a man by the name of “HERT” was the second most-wanted graffiti artist in the city of Pittsburgh. When police arrested him he was being charged with 66 misdemeanor charges and four felony charges. He had caused over $212,000 in damage across the city. Although most people thought he was a nuisance and was damaging property others liked his work others thought he was producing beautiful artwork. It is hard for some people to see the art in graffiti, while for others it is their culture and all they know.

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