Chicano Park, located in Barrio Logan, San Diego is a perfect example of the intersectionality of art and crime. When Chicano Park was created, it was created out of resistance and struggle. The city of San Diego had been promising the Barrio Logan community a park for several years so the kids in the community could play, but claimed to never have the funds. In April 22, 1970 the city of San Diego decided to build a highway patrol station on a piece of land under the Coronado bridge. When the Barrio Logan found out they were outraged and made a human chain around the land and occupied it so that no construction could be made and their demands were met. As this happened, people from the community started bringing their own plants, and tools so they could start planting their park. After raising the flag of Aztlan and days of resistance, the city gave the community the land for the park they wanted. Following that, murals were painted on the columns and although the city disagreed, community members got permits and painted larger murals that covered the entire columns. Through protest politics, occupation, defiance of law enforcements, and vandalizing public property, Chicano Park was born.

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