I Wanna Drive Fast and Furious Too! (I Think)


In the movies of the Fast and Furious, it is mainly about people driving their cars fast. And by fast, I mean illegally speeding type of fast! These movies are an example of underground entertainment that is highly dangerous, very illegal, and hugely glamorized. In Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, the driver’s speed race through the public city streets and one of the cars even crashes into another regular driver. Also, the police depicted in the movie are explained to not even bother chasing down these speeding and drifting cars. In many aspects, this movie makes it’s viewers obtain a feeling of being hard-boiled, ‘gangster,’ and just cool because the audience is exposed to the underground’s businesses, social groups, and entertainment. However, this also includes the aspects of defying the law and glamorizing illegal businesses in trade and drugs. But then again, big money, nice cars, street cred with thugs, and sexy women all over the place? I want in!

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