Immortal Technique? Just one technique to explain what is going on

Sorry about the guy talking in the middle, I couldn’t find a video without him talking.. This song is one of many of Technique’s political and religious works. Point of No Return, Industrial Revolution, Bin Laden, The Fourth Branch, Peruvian Cocaine, and The 3rd World all fit into his category of political and or religious topics. But for all intents and purposes, we will discuss this one called The Cause of Death. What fascinates me about Immortal Technique, is not only the on going ever changing controversy surrounding his music, but how he can combine art with spoken truth so effectively and in my opinion so beautifully. Some argue that his word choice may not be beautiful, but with freedom of speech in mind, we must engage ourselves and open our minds to the juxtaposition of his beats and melodies, along with truisms in his language. He really is interested in exposing the truth that the government hides from us. To this day there are hundreds of huge social issues that the government knows and they keep it from the public to their benefit. The liberal Immortal technique sheds a light on these technologies and resources that they are hiding from us. He also delves into the lies that the government has told us, not only about 911, but the events before and after 911 that included Bin Laden, Bush and the CIA, and others in power at the time. He also discusses a lot about certain religions that have “stolen Christ’s religion” and “painted him white.” I wont go into everything he says, but I want to talk about his delivery, impacting presentation and intense persona. Whether or not you agree with his beliefs, you cannot help but just listen to his vocabulary and how his energy almost paralyzes you. Intense would be an understatement in Technique’s work. Each song is crafted in a different light with a different political or religious theme, paired with an original and unique beat and musical aspect, that I think all include auditory aesthetics. I have seen many people be standoff-ish to this piece and others by Technique because of his apparent rage, anger, ‘scariness,’ and his word choice. But there is a mistake, in order to actually understand and feel something from this music, whether it be power, energy, drive, motivation, and determination and will of the self, we must listen to the music, not just hear the music lightly. Because at that point of just hearing it casually, we automatically make judgments like, “it’s too intense, it’s too loud, it’s too sad or angry, it’s too mean or scary or intense.” If we actually take a moment and really listen to what he is saying, it can not only empower you to go out and do good for all the people that have been wronged in war, but it can change you as well. The music makes me ‘not want to lie,’ it makes me want to go out and help sick and poor children. It urges me to travel and feed others. It inspires you to change for the better, for humanity and for yourself. That change comes within yourself to help others, to tell the truth, and to end wars! These are all the peaceful and loving principles Immortal Technique beliefs and raps about, but because of who is is: mainly the background he came from and his history and experiences, these same peaceful ideas come across as crazy rage and anger, so people get the wrong view/ idea from him. But him being a far left side Islamic, he is definetly in favor of peace, truth, light and love. (not that all far left side Islamic people are in favor of peace and truth..) Immortal Technique, being an “artist,” his work is obviously classified as art, but some wrongfully say he is a criminal because of his provocative language and imagery. I mean it is true that it is provocative. He not only uses “bad words” every other second, but he mentions kind of gross, maybe offensive, slightly disturbing metaphors and stories. He connects his ideas with very shocking, startling, and considered “inappropriate” gestures or symbols. Example: Bush as a blood thirty snake.. Dick Cheney as a f****** leach… ect. But everything he is angry about stands to reason. I mean look at everything that the Bush administration has done that the people are just now realizing and dealing with the aftermaths. Some of the choices from that administration are just now sinking in, they are just now effecting us, when Technique knew about these things long before the general population. That is actually how I learned about a lot of things in our country and in other countries as well. He isn’t rapping about an “annoying bitch” who is innocent or ex’s. He is rapping about his justified anger towards many people (that happen to be famous political and religious figures) who have wronged millions of people and lied and killed and tortured and planted bombs…. ect. I feel his anger towards the people that actually had the power to kill, or had the power to make a difference, and most of those elitists chose the wrong road of stealing oil, and harm.. ect Thoughts on Technique?

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