This has been a topic for years, and I frankly find it quite amusing. Saggy pants seemed to originate in prison , where belts were not allowed and the inmates pants would often sag because of this. Some people claim that it originated in prison where people would show that they were sexually available. In either case, it has been come to be known as a fashion statement, and now there is even talk about it becoming illegal. Some people think that this is a symbol of certain cultures and deviant lifestyles and therefore should be banned. I believe that this is ridiculous, and quite ironic. People are making assumptions that this stylistic expression is a symbol for deviance and bad and therefore should be illegal, yet we have the First Amendment that allows for this freedom of expression. Also assuming that everyone who wears their pants like this is a criminal is way too far of a stretch. Yes , I do think it is a silly style, but to take this to legal means is absurd. Also, food for thought, isn’t it ironic that if this did come from a homosexual background that rappers and people who often use the term “gay” or “homosexual” in a derogatory term often sag their pants?

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