Without question men and women have long been segregated into two gender identities, clearly labeled on the restroom doors: Men and Women. In the ever changing social climate, allowing and understanding that there are more gender identities than merely two, this sign was posted on top of the typical male and female signs. Criminally, this is simple vandalism and cause for some disorder as individuals are not longer sure which was the female or male restroom. It opens discussion to the larger topic of discrimination laws that now are having to respond to gender identification and the LBGT community. Most commonly, this battle is being fought in situations regarding private schools that do not have restrooms they feel accommodate for transgender students. Title IX of the Education Amendment Acts of 1972, protects against sexual harassment of any kind, including limiting access to restrooms in public schools, but have yet to protect individuals across America universally. I believe that with update facilities and new layouts, all restrooms could be open to anyone like this image asserted.

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