In a shocking commentary on growing up as a homosexual, the short film Love is All You Need? creates an alternate reality where heterosexuality is under persecution. The story follows the life of a young heterosexual girl. The movie is blunt when reflecting the realities of our world in the parallel universe’s story line. Of both parents of the girl, one is nurturing and one is busy with work often using tough love when raising their children. The main character struggles with a difference she cannot control: liking boys. The story reaches a climax when the bullying the girl faces reaches a new extreme, at the end leaving the audience to decide what ultimately happens. The film has been very controversial even within the LGBT community that the film inherently supports. Does this film take a comparison too far? Does it over simplify gender roles, stereotyping, and gender identity? Was the director wrong in creating a film that arguably alienates homosexuality in everyday life even more?

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