Here is a short video in response to Book Banning. This is a subject that I have always been very opinionated about. No one should be allowed to hinder the viewing of written art from others. As Judith Krug from the National Library Association states “anyone who thinks a book is inappropriate is free to stop reading it, but don’t take away my right to choose what to read.” I think she states this perfectly. Books such as “Of Mice and Men” which has made appearances on both the banned book list but also the required novels list for some high school freshman, have obviously been placed on both of these lists for a reason. The book sends a very powerful message. Banning a book such as this is a crime; it violate our first amendment of freedom of speech. Moreover, banning books is like trying to keeping a part of history a secret. Understanding the history of our country, as awful as it can sometimes be, is essential in order for our society to take steps towards the future.

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