“The Color Project” to use art to address crime, health issues in Ensley; grant enables first mural

“The Color Project” is being done by a group of artists called the Rtists. They are aiming to create a more “colorful” and positive atmosphere in Ensley, Alabama. They got their first grant of $15,000 which will allow the group to paint their first mural. The Rtists hope that by painting these murals it will increase foot traffic around town and make people come out into the community to mingle and see the art. With more foot traffic there will be less violence and crime around town. They also plan to make pocket parks and gardens to encourage residents to walk around and go outside more. This is the health side that they are trying to tackle because apparently there is an obesity problem in Ensley. Do you believe that these murals and parks could actually help the crime rate and obesity in Ensley? If so, why do you believe that paintings on a wall and gardens can achieve this?

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