It’s sad to think that school shootings aren’t exactly uncommon to hear about. Just last year was the Isla Vista shooting and Newtown elementary school. These events are broadcasted for all of America to see, but what is that really doing? Is it education the public? Or is it helping the victims families and friends cope? This article argues that media coverage of the event is actually just making the shooter more famous. For example, people will know the name of the shooter, but can they name any of the victims? Paul Vance, a Connecticut Police Officer, argues that 24/7 coverage of the shooting teaches other potentially lethal people that if they go and shoot up a school, they can become instantly famous too. He argues that it’s not violent movies or TV shows that encourage these people to kill, but the News and coverage of past shootings. I believe there is much more to it than just what these killers watch on TV, such as mental disorders or challenges in their personal life, but the news could definitely be a factor, What do you think? Could school shootings be caused by the media, and if so, does that mean so many could have been prevented? Full article:

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