Olympic Athlete Disqualified for Tattoo

This article discusses a Paralympic swimmer who was disqualified from race due to a visible tattoo. The tattoo in question located on the athletes chest and depicted a symbol representing his team. The disqualification was justified under the claim that he was in violation of a rule stating that no athletes could display any form of advertisement or promotion whatsoever.

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Athlete Disqualified for Tattoo

  1. While I do not know what the tattoo looks like it seems that the swimmer had what may be just their countries flag. If that is the case why is it seen as an advertisement or a promotion? As long as the tattoo does not depict hateful speech I do not understand why it matters? It clearly does not impact their performance.

  2. I find this to be quite ridiculous that someone would be disqualified for something this small. People work their entire life to make it to the Olympics, so for all of it to come crashing down over a tattoo seems way too far. As long as an athlete has or takes something without giving them an advantage, I don’t think they should be disqualified.

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