Russian Reality Show to allow murder?

A Russian reality show, due to premier in 2017, is going to simulate a real life Hunger Games. The show will take place in the Siberian forrest over the span of nine months and will allow rape, murder, and assault. Thirty contestants from all over the world will compete for 1.6 million dollars with a simple objective; survival. Although contestants will sign and knowledge the fact that they could lose their lives, those who do survive will face legal consequences for the crimes committed. Here are some more details:

-More than 2,000 cameras will broadcast the show 24/7.

-No firearms allowed, only knifes.

-Only contestants who are ‘mentally sane’ will be allowed on the show

-If there is more than one survivor, the prize will be shared.

-Contestants allowed to request one item per week from the public.

-$165,000 entrance fee.

-Contestants will have a ‘panic button’ that they can push at anytime if they feel they can no longer continue. If they push this button they will be automatically rescued.

So, is this really the Hunger Games or is it just a wannabe replica that will attract viewers under a false perception of the show? In my opinion it’s more of a “man vs. wild” show except the contestant basically acknowledges they could die. Considering the fact that contestants will face legal prosecution, I doubt anybody is likely to commit any serious crimes such as rape, murder, or assault.

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