Have you ever noticed that the villains of Disney movies all tend to look a little… off? Their eyes are too big, their old, their deformed, their fat, or their considered “ugly”? Take a look at the villain of “The Rescuers” for example, could you imagine seeing that women in real life? Not only is she unattractive on the outside, but she is evil on the inside. So, does this mean that Disney is making villains reflect the idea that ugliness on the inside shines on the outside while ignoring that those considered beautiful could be just as bad? I wonder if this makes children view the elderly, the “deformed”, or the scarred as evil? Even the most seemingly normal Disney villain, Hans, from “Frozen” has awkward sideburns? The studies by Cesare Lombroso, reflect the idea of spotting a criminal by how they look, but his studies have been disproved. Not to mention there is a large number of people who have taken on the Disney villains to represent themselves as different (for example Ursula is often compared to drag- queens). Disney has also been taking a deeper look into its villains with movies such as “Maleficent”, but the ugliness of that character in the animated movie is lost in this film as the villain is now a hero and a victim. The attached article goes into more depth of this concept however I disagree with it’s idea of “beautiful men” and “beautiful women” perhaps it is more the way the animators have made the characters move or act, but I feel that the same disturbed sense coming from their appearances still stands. Gaston is overly muscular and has a ghastly smile, Hans and his sideburns, the either slitted or wide eyes of the women, and the glowing green of their eyes. Each villain is “off” in some physical way despite if, as the Evil Queen projects, they are considered “handsome” or “beautiful” by the other characters, we as the audience do not perceive them as so. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/disneys-criminal-anthropometry

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