I am fascinated by how much Americans seem to be okay with knowing there is dangerous chemicals everywhere and even not knowing necessarily what ingredients are in their food. My cheese ingredients should say something like “aged-milk”, not stuff like “Thiamine Mono-nitrate or “Xanthan Gum”, or other names of things I would not know without doing research.

We put so many unknown chemicals into our bodies everyday. I have not done my own research on this. But if putting “good foods” in us makes us healthy, I can infer that putting a bunch of chemicals into our bodies could be the factor in this country’s health problems, ranging from obesity, minor mental illnesses, to major disabilities and sicknesses. Its shocks me that its not a bigger issue here. But then again the government has always been a big fan of Big Pharma, so it could be the dollars pumping the chemicals into our food to create an everlasting cycle of sick people looking for help.

I also find the Proposition 65 here in San Diego amusing that we allow such a thing to exist. If we know those chemicals are present would it not be in our local government’s best interest to research and figure out what chemical is the danger and to obviously stop the use of it.

I feel as long as there is no immediate sense of danger, that we will continue not to care as a society. Or could it be that we honestly know that we cannot fight the billions of dollars funding the use of such chemicals?

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Adrianni V

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