Are delinquent boys more likely to be violent as they age?

The nature of being a male for boys and the consequences of their bad behavior are determined by others. It is understandable their antisocial behaviors could lead someone to think in such way, but for some like Adam Rogers they are just simply adolescents. To prove this, Rogers radically exposes the inequalities and abuses of power by the male gender by pointing out crimes like recent school shootings like the one in Florida, school disciplinary accounts, teacher testimonials, used of illegal substances, and cases of sexual harassment against woman. In other words, criminal acts done by young males as a product of their masculinity culture. Men are really terrible, violent, criminal, and dangerous. This ideology, juxtaposition, and reconstruction of the current fragmentation of media regarding young males is used by Rogers as a way to disrupt the current masculinity culture through isolation of public life as well as a way to establish special interest in gender differences. Also known by others as “culture jamming” because such things just brands young males.

Rogers concludes that we all have done negative things when we where young. Therefore future acts by adolescents are not preventable. That itself is true, there could be a young male residing in a bad neighborhood where crime rates are high. That its self shouldn’t mean that young male would turn to be a criminal because he can also turn to be a great doctor. Those are just some speculations and labels placed by people on other people.

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