Earlier this year, comedian Tom Segura released his new special “Disgraceful”. In it he had a joke about the state of Louisiana that offended some people of the state. The joke was a play on President Trump’s statement about blocking people from “shit hole countries” entering the countries. Segura essentially says, we should put walls around a shithole states like Louisiana, he then jokes at the expense of the people who live there like the “Cajuns”. Since the special was released on Netflix he has been receiving a lot of backlash.

While making statements like that may not be ethical for the leader of the free world, there should be an understanding amongst everyone who watches a comedy special that these are jokes. It is a comedian’s job to make people laugh, often at someone’s expense. I believe it is worth mentioning that jokes aren’t supposed to be taken seriously, they are designed to make you laugh and think. This made me think, do we need safe zones or do people need to learn how to take a joke?

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