Bank Robbery demand notes literary genius or failure?

Do Bank Robbery demand notes have literary merit, or just a detail in a criminal process? It could be argued that there are certain features and language that bank robbers use when penning these lines, creating its own genre in the process. Apparently, someone thought these demand notes made for good reading and did in fact contain literary merit. A site by the name of Tumblr has amassed, posted, and published an E book entitled: Bank Notes: a collection of Bank Robbery demand notes. Of course, Business is booming.

With works of art like: “Act normal, give me $4,000. Don’t be a hero. Your job will fire you if you don’t cooperate. Hurry up”. Or “You are getting robbed! Need money to see Mom don’t ask any Questions, my name is Satan, if you don’t give me the money I will kill you.” Well its not Hemmingway…

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The Banker

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